What’s going on in grocery?

There seems to be a real dissection of range in the off-trade for ale at the moment. I saw 4 for £5 in ASDA last week… row upon row of traditional ales in 500ml brown bottles… The big boys and the regionals fighting it out for volume, presumably as competition to the mainstream lager brands that fight it out week in and week out for space and volume. It’s not pretty.


And then tucked around the corner 330ml cans at 4 for £6.50! How does that work? Well the retailers are slowly coming around to the idea of Craft as a category and they can no longer ignore the success of Brewdog et al. ABI smashing into the category with Camden and Meantime will also have had something to do with it no doubt!


But where next? Co-op have announced a core craft range of the usual suspects from the “mass-craft brands”, but how do the retailers tackle the challenge of proximity, quality and ranging, and how do craft brewers get their products in the right formats for the categories that are growing? All these questions will be worked out in the next 12 months and we hope to have a say. Our 330ml can is being really well received in the on-trade, our challenge is now to get through the door of the big boys – watch this space!

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