We have been working hard to develop a broad range of hop forward beers that appeal to all beer drinkers. Whether it’s cask, keg or can, big DIPA’s or light blonde ales we have something you will love.

Core Range

Easy drinking, great tasting beer

For when you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy a great quality beer…
without thinking too hard about it.

Modern Craft Range

Take life seriously? You must be joking.

At Watneys we love a good time down the pub with our mates.
And we love craft beer. But beard oil and Birkenstocks? That’s not us.
So we’ve created three premium beers for laid back laughter lovers –
Sarcasm Citrus Pale Ale, Irony Craft Lager and Slapstick Double IPA.
Because there’s one thing we do take seriously. And that’s our beer.

Modern Cask Range
Cask doesn't have to mean boring

We have created a range of great tasting cask ales, packed
full of flavour and all inspired by a great story from our past.
Each one celebrates a reason why Watneys
became the UK’s best selling beer.

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