Take back craft beer

Emma Turner


The debate rages on. SIBA have shared their view on what it means to be “craft”. It seems “small & independent” are their watchwords. To qualify you also have to adhere to their Good Brewing Code of Practice. Whilst I wholeheartedly support a focus on quality, it seems to call yourself “craft” in the eyes of SIBA you must pay your membership subs. This is where you lose me. Suddenly it feels like a “membership based definition” that has more to do with SIBA than consumers & brewers. The craft beer movement has been driven by a community passionate about beer who challenge & innovate. Surely we should be focussed on getting our great beer out to more consumers, not labelling & limiting? I’d love to see an initiative that gives small brewers support to facilitate easier routes to market & helps educate the British beer drinking public that craft beer could be for them. “Craft” shouldn’t be an exclusive club.

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